DJ Reroc

 Mix Show DJ   Fridays 6pm-7pm

MOCRadio Latin Quarters Mix

DJ Reroc aka Ray Santos was born in Puerto Rico but raised in Lawrence, Massachusetts. At a young age he was exposed to the hot Latin Caribbean sound from his parent’s immense record collections and parties that he attended with them. His DJ career started in New York City in the summer of 1983 when his Godfathers nephew taught him how to mix and scratch on turntables, from then on he was hooked. He began by taking Caribbean beats and mixing them with hip-hop, r&b and  jazz. With a keen ear for sound, DJ Reroc started mixing house music with Merengue, making a fuse of the two sounds which is known today as Latin house music. In high school he would make mix tapes for his friends and djing at block parties and local clubs in and around his home town. While service in the military DJ Reroc mixed in clubs while on deployment in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Mexico. After more than twenty plus years of djing he has not stop and continues to bring those hot Latin House mixes. As kids and teenagers DJ Reroc and LC grew up in the same latino apartment community known as “The Bradford Apartments” in Lawrence, Massachusetts.