Mastermix Freeze


Mastermix Planet

Thursdays 3pm-4:00pm

With no equipment except 2 tape decks, a new sound was created from the Projects of Brooklyn NY. A brand-new DJ was born “ MASTERMIX FREEZE. ”

In the very early 1980s pause button tapes and song manipulation was the hottest thing on the radio at that time. This is where DJs began to taking the way you hear music, changing it to a totally DIFFERENT way of enjoying music.

Park DJing , house parties and Radio Master Mixing was young Freeze’s first step in the door before producing and writing music in the very early 1980s way before the mix tapes were born. Running upstairs to catch the latest master mixes on the radio fascinated him, giving young Freeze the inspiration to become a DJ. The popular DJs blowing up the airways at that time were “The Latin Rascals, Shep Pettibone , Tony Humphries , DJ Red Alert , DJ Marley Marl & Mister Magic were Freeze’s greatest inspirations and Mentors.

With the talent and hunger in his heart young Freeze started sending his own homemade Master mix tapes to the hottest Radio stations in New York such as, WBLS 107.5 FM * 98.7 KISS FM * 92 WKTU FM * & WHBI FM “The Supreme Team Show “. These radio stations would give him the exposure and confidence to become the success that he is today.

Now with the internet dominating the industry with social media it’s time to step into the future of worldwide internet radio such as the popular radio stations like WXLV 90.3 and MOCRADIO.COM.

THE MASTERMIX PLANET will continue high speed Blazing Master Mixes customized by Mastermix Freeze with MUSIC, FUN, COMEDY & ESCAPISM. 

Escape for 1 hour, afterwards you can go back to reality. Mastermix Freeze