Massive House Mix With KJ Carson

Massive House Mix 5 PM

Classic House and Dance Music Broadcasts Weekdays From The USA To The United Kingdom!


Carsonomics LLC and The MOCRadio Network today announces the creation and daily broadcasting of a Classic House and Dance Music Program that caters to lovers  of Dance Music in the U.K.! The Massive House Mix also provides daily weather forecasts, news, culture, and sport. The Massive House Mix can be accessed two ways: (1) Via the TuneIn Application on Your Mobile (Type MOCRADIO) or (2) Via Podcasts are available to stream if one requests to replay a particular day. The Massive House Mix airs weekdays at 5pm (EST)/ 10pm (GMT/UTC).


“This is an exciting time technologically..if that’s a be able to provide daily content to an entire country that loves hearing Michael Jackson mixed with a Classic House song! Plus being able to discuss culture and news together is what will take broadcasting to another level”-National USA Personality and Host of The Massive House Mix-KJ Carson


KJ Carson has performed across the United States as radio host, and most recently a National Afternoon Host playing Top 40 Pop records for the now defunct SiriusXM Top 20 on 20. KJ Carson’s weekly audience averaged nearly 2.2 million.


“We possess a large catalogue of dance records, some of them obscure, plus the universal love of danceable R&B records mixed news/weather/sport/culture talk was a win-win opportunity! Partnering with The MOCRadio Network to bring great Classic House and Dance Music to the entire United Kingdom is truly exciting!”-Jay “Mixx” Smith


You may contact via Social Media:

Facebook/Twitter/Skype: Massive House Mix


Carsonomics LLC is a Media Content Provider and Consultancy. Carsonomics LLC is the owner of the KJ Show (USA), The Massive House Mix (UK), Mornings with KJ Carson (USA), and is the US Copyright holder of a Television Game Show. The Massive House Mix is Jay Mixx “The Urban Sound Surgeon” and KJ “The Lab Technician” Carson